Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Brooklyn Invitational Trip

well after a long 800+ mile trip we all made it back.we decided to break the trip up into 2 days and ride to baltimore thursday and friday to NY.  it took us 12 hrs to get to baltimore thanks to my generator taking a shit on me about 30 minutes into the trip. big thanks to Steven and Lee at Departure Bike Works in richmond for helping to get us back on the road.we crashed in bmore then got right back on the road to NY. we got there just before sunset and hit up the dice party.the show saturday was pretty good, got to see a lot of well known builds in person. we didnt really take pics of the bikes at the show because they will be all over the web anyway. all and all we did a whole bunch of fun stuff and i dont feel like writing the details soo... we were gonna break the ride home into 2 days but we decided to just blast all the way home sunday, left at about 1130am got home around 10pm. not bad for a bunch of old harleys. i didnt take a lot of pics but everyone else did so im sure they will post them soon.


  1. Im stoked for y'all an glad the scoots did right by y'all as y'all do right by them. Best 4 bikes on the NY streets right here from hampton roads. Love it, keep killing it

  2. I agree with Travis. Wish I coulda been there but damn glad those were the bikes and people reppin' our hood.