Wednesday, June 6, 2012

06 June 1944.

On this day, 68 years ago, a few HUNDRED-THOUSAND men that were a hell of a lot braver than I can hope to be, woke up in the middle of the night.  They got on boats and in planes.  Jeeps and on Harley -Davidsons.  Some of them got in BLIMPS for Christs sake, and they hauled ass to France to kill a whole lot of fascist bastards who cared about nothing else but taking over the planet.  They didn't do this for a pay check or for bragging rights.  They did it because freedom of personal choice, a Bill of Rights, and America were things that they believed in and were ready to fight and die for.  

Patriotism and two-wheels have at at this point become synonymous, and I'm sure if you've made it to our little corner of the internet, you know today is D-Day.  Everyone has stars and stripes on their vest.  The thing we mustn't forget is that without these unfathomably selfless volunteers that came before us, we would all be driving around in Volkswagens right now and speaking German. Fuck That.

There's a common theme in that the majority of my close friends have signed on that dotted line.  My old man spent every other Christmas in the desert making sure we didn't have to replace our tree with a prayer mat.  As a Merchant Marine, sometimes I feel like I'm not doing quite enough.  Especially compared to those that were on that beach that day.  But what can you do?   Give your veteran a hug.  Remember those that didn't make it home.   And ride whenever you want, wherever you want because it's a free country.  And THAT'S because of them.


  1. Good rant Pete! Also, couldn't help but smile about the VW statement — thinking back to Jay's going away party and when he went off on his America tirade and punched the mirror off my VW.